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Friday, June 1st 2012

10:27 AM

Green Screens Give Better Images

We all love to put our most cherished photos by somewhere safe but would not it be even better if they contained enjoyable pictures along with familiar faces? The fun factor is something which should not be ignored when we put together a photograph album, even though it's often missing.

Lack of Skill or Equipment?

In some cases this is due to not using top-end cameras or know how to take the best photographs. Should you use the camera on your phone then it is fairly hard to count on all your pics to come out as though an expert has taken them. A bit of blur along with insufficient focus are part of the course if you're a keen amateur photographer rather than a photographer who has spent hours studying the art of taking photos.

However, should you wish to take photos that will stand out when you look at them in the future than there are some simpler methods of doing it than investing in hugely costly cameras. One such approach is to use a green screen as the back drop. This perhaps sounds like a bit of a weird concept. After all, why do you want all your pictures to have a green back drop? It’s fine if you are wearing your very best fancy dress or even producing some promotion pics for ones favourite tinned peas corporation yet is it something you would like to do for other pictures?

A More Exhilarating Back Drop

The simplest method to explain it is really that the green back drop that has been created by the screen behind the subject is very easily altered afterwards. What this means is the photograph can then be altered into something much more uncommon and attention grabbing through the addition of various backgrounds. One of the most regularly cited use right now is that of weather forecasts. These are usually shot using a green background which is then overlaid with the local map. If you ever see your weather presenter trying out a green tie then you'll know that no one has told him the terrible impact this has. It's a common method in TV documentaries, films, publicity shots and in several other things also.

Do not think that we are talking about something only Hollywood millionaires can use though. The growth of economical green screen photography organisations has meant that it is something anybody of us are now able to seriously contemplate if we want to add a lttle bit of zing to our photograph collection without going very far or doing anything risky to get it done.

If you were looking forward to an opportunity to get more interesting photos for your photograph album then the use of green screen photography backgrounds might be precisely what you're looking for. Whether you want to see yourself on an exotic beach, surrounded by exotic animals or skiing down a mountain you can now say that the only limit on your pictures is your own creative thinking.
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